Monday, May 16, 2011

You're the best book I've ever read...

Lauren posted our engagement pictures on her website. She is SO talented and hilarious and kind...and she loves Jesus so much. Could not be more thankful than to have her involved in this sweet time in my life!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The third day back at the gym has to be the most rewarding. I worked myself harder today than I did Monday or Tuesday, and I had the endurance for it! After two weeks of studying and gearing up for semester finals, the first two days were tougher than I thought they would be. I think the secret lies in the time of day you go to the gym (whatever works best for you) and not eating a lot of heavy meals in between to weigh you down. That has seriously helped me! And, because today was so good, it makes me want to go back again tomorrow. Woohoo! Whatever the scale says, though, I just want to make sure I am taking care of my body, being as active as I can be with these titanium rods fused to my spine. In spite of that, I’d say I’m doing okay so far this week. Looking forward to tomorrow’s gym time (since I have time for that, now!). I have never been good at doing things halfway…either 0% or 100% invested in something, and this is one of those things. Either I go every day or I lay out for weeks on end. Hopefully I’m not the only one who functions this way, though.

TB (PPD) test was negative, as expected, and my background check is in…so I’m officially ready to start clinicals next Monday. The SLP I will be working with travels to several different assisted living facilities, so that should be fun! It was hard to see my grandmother’s name (she passed away early February) still on some files and notes around the nurses’ station, but just a calm reminder that she is no longer ill and that she is with her Sweet Jesus. And the nurses and staff there have not forgotten her, that’s for sure. And seems like my mother made an impact as well, because they always talk about how kind my mother was to them and how dedicated she was to seeing my Nanny daily, if possible. Shine on, Mama!

Your kindness leads us to...

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Sorry for those of you who are “followers.” Just a lot going on, and sometimes in life you have the need to write on a public blog, and sometimes it just needs to be more personal and not broadcasted out to the entire world. That’s what journals are for, although those have remained more blank than normal, as well! I think that being in graduate school may have something to do with the lack of time I have for journaling these days. Alas, I am giving this another go!

My journey through the past 4 or 5 months has been quite interesting. God has such amazing plans for all of us, if we would just listen to Him. Many times, what we are involved in happens to be “good” stuff, “good” relationships. But He is calling us to something EVEN GREATER. And I have found out that it’s not until we give up these good things that He lets the great things happen. I think we hold on to the good stuff in fear of not having anything, and, after all, it is “good.” But Jesus wants better for us, we must remember, because the best stuff is what will glorify Him the most, and He knows it! That mostly sums up what has happened in my life. Once you become less afraid of the fear and just let go what He has called you to let go of (in my situation, for several months), the healing comes quickly, and He begins to work in unfathomable ways!

This week, God has been putting many things in my heart, the main one being repentance. I think repentance is what God calls us to as unbelievers and that’s where our relationship with Him can begin, and this is something we continue throughout our walk with the Lord. Not that He doesn’t know our sin…actually I think sometimes we don’t know our own sin, and it’s for our sake that we repent and confess. Many times before this can take place I find myself asking God to show me my sin, to convict my heart, because things get so blurred when you live in this world! Just a wonderful few days of Him reminding me of that.

Praying for focus on Christ, for that to spill out onto others I meet.